How do I swap components?

  1. Log in to Quest.
  2. Under Academics select Enroll.Studnet Quest home page
  3. Select the Edit tab. If prompted, select the term then Continue.Edit tab in student Quest
  4. Select the class to edit from the schedule drop-down list and then select the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button. (If you have only one class with multiple components, only one class will display.)Select the class to edit page in Quest
  5. Choose the component you want to edit. Select the Next button.
    Note: To swap a primary class component such as a lecture or seminar, view the swap a class instructions. Select the Next button.Select a class to edit page in student Quest
  6. Review the enrollment preference to ensure the selection is correct. Select the Next button.Enrollment preferences for swapping components page in student Qeust
  7. Select the Finish Editing button.Finish Editing - component swap page in student Qeust
  8. A successful component swap will be confirmed with a green check in the Status column.Compinent swap confirmation page in student Quest
  9. Click My Class Schedule to view the change.