How do I swap components?

  1. Log in to Quest.
  2. Click Enroll.
    student's student center with arrow pointing to enroll link
  3. Click edit.
    enroll tab with my calss schedule displayed and with edit tab circled
  4. If prompted, select the term and then click CONTINUE.
  5. Select the class to modify from the schedule drop-down list and click PROCEED TO STEP 2 OF 3. Note: If you have only one class with multiple components, only one class will display.
    select class to edit with example class HST 230 and arrow pointing to proceed to step 2 of 3 button
  6. To swap a secondary or tertiary class component such as a practicum, tutorial, or laboratory, select the desired section. (Note: To swap a primary class component such as a lecture or seminar, view the swap a class instructions.) Click NEXT.
    select class to edit - related class section and arrow pointing to next button
  7. Review the enrollment preference to ensure the selection is correct. Click NEXT.
    select a class to edit - enrollment preference with arrow pointing to next button
    edit class enrollment selection confirmation with arrow pointing to finish editing button
  9. Review the message and status results. Click MY CLASS SCHEDULE.edit class enrollment options results with example success message and arrow pointing to my class schedule button