Hello, Sailor!

I'm a 2017 Honours Computer Science and 2019 Master's of Science graduate from the University of Waterloo. I am currently enrolled in the Geography PhD program at the University of Waterloo, pursuing a thesis in snow modelling, machine learning and remote sensing of Arctic snow.  I have experience as both full stack developer and iOS mobile developer from work done on personal projects as well as full time employment. My interests have always been in science and it is this drive for understanding and innovation that sparked my career as a developer and my passion for design. Check out my blog for a detailed breakdown of my publications, presentation, side-projects, iOS apps and other hobbies. I also do statistics tutoring on the side.

A brief overview of my current research is illustrated below in my award winning (1st place) 60 second animated gradFlicks video along with my 3-Minute thesis presentation and 1st place video for the ESRI App Challenge 2019 and Jack Rosen memorial Award for 2019.

For more information about me and the projects I'm invested in, please see my personal website: frasertheking.com


Research Videos:

2019 University of Waterloo GRADflix 1st Place Winner: Fraser King

3MT - Cloud Computing

The SMART App | ECCE 2019

Using CloudSat to Constrain Gridded SWE Products

iSnow LiDAR Evaluation

2020 Research poster (presented at the 2020 Canadian Space Agency Atmospheric Science from Space Workshop):


2021 International Summer Snow Workshop Poster:


EV1 Stairwell Environment Map (Canadian True Colour Composite):www.mapsbyfraser.com for more information and other historic maps!

My Weather Station:

Live updates every 5 seconds:

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Member of the CFG: https://uwaterloo.ca/scholar/c5fletch/group_members