My name is Hassan Askari, and I received my PhD degree in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Khajepour and Prof. Khamesee at the University of Waterloo in the areas of self-powered sensing, energy harvesting, intelligent tires, and nanogenerators. My PhD thesis provides a comprehensive study on the potential of different types of sensing methods and measurement techniques to identify tire forces to address the challenges related to autonomous driving. Using the new technology of triboelectric nanogenerators, I designed and fabricated five different types of flexible nanogenerators, with the potential of self-powered sensing for tire-condition monitoring systems (TCMS). For the first time, intelligent tire module was designed and fabricated based on the developed nanogenerators and micro fiber composite sensors and tested for different driving scenarios. My PhD research has resulted in several publications in prominent journals and featured in several news releases. During my master's and undergraduate studies under the supervision of Prof. Esmailzadeh and Prof. Younesian, I gained excellent knowledge in the areas of nonlinear vibrations, structural dynamics, perturbation methods and nanoresonators, which resulted in several publications in prestigious journals and refereed conferences. Almost ten years of my research works resulted in 1 patent, 1 book and 1 book chapter published by Springer, 4 review articles, 1 opinion article, more than 40 journal articles and 20 conference papers. My published works have been cited more than 1300 times, and my current H-index is 26. As an interdisciplinary researcher, I have an excellent expertise in the areas of self-powered sensing, energy harvesting, actuators, nonlinear vibrations and systems, structural dynamics, and intelligent systems.