Past Students

Graduate Students:

Sara Ebrahimkhani Profile PhotoShamim Raeisi (MASc, August 2023) 
Thesis: A Tractable Approach To Inverse Optimization Under Euclidean Norm


Shamim RaeisiShamim Raeisi (MASc, August 2022) 
Thesis: Radiotherapy Patient Scheduling During Pandemics
Marketing Analyst @ HyperHippo

Fahimeh's profile photoFahimeh Rahimi (PhD, May 2022) 
Thesis: Reducing Conservatism in Pareto Robust Optimization
Postdoctoral Fellow @ UofA School of Business


Nafise Niazi ShahrakiNafise Niazi Shahraki (MASc, January 2021) email
Thesis: A Robust Optimization Approach for Advance Scheduling in Health Care Systems with Demand Uncertainty: Policy Insights
Senior Data Scientiest @ KPMG


Kourosh Khedriliraviasl's Profile PhotoKourosh Khedri Liraviasl (MASc, December 2019) email
Thesis: Geometry-based Constraint Generation for Large-scale Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
Director, AI and Data Science @ Publivate


Milad's Profile PhotoMilad Dehghani Filabadi (MASc, May 2019)    email
Thesis: Robust Optimization for SCED in AC-HVDC Power Systems
PhD Student @ OSU

Danielle RipsmanDanielle Ripsman (MASc, Sep 2018)    email
Thesis: Robust Direct Aperture Optimization Methods for Cardiac Sparing in Left-Sided Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy
PhD Student @ UWaterloo

No Profile PhotoAkram Mirahmadi Shalamzari (MASc, January 2018)    email
Thesis: Robust Multi-Class Multi-Period Scheduling of MRI Services with Wait Time Targets
General Manager @ American Life Insurance Company

Visiting Scholars: 

No Profile PhotoSaeide Bigdellou (PhD Student, visiting February-July 2020)    email
Research: Inverse optimization for promotion planning

Mahdyeh Shiri Profile PhotoMahdyeh Shiri (PhD Student, visiting January-August 2019)    email
Research: Home health care routing and scheduling under scenario-based uncertainty


Undergraduate Students: 

Charlotte Cloutier Profile PhotoCharlotte Cloutier (URA, Winter 2024, Fall 2023) 
Research Topic: Automation of dose calculation in IMRT optimization


No Profile PhotoMahip Singh (URA, Winter 2024) 
Research Topic: Comparison of voxel sampling methods in IMRT optimization


Gatik Gola Profile PhotoGatik Gola (URA, Fall 2023) 
Research Topic: K-means voxel sampling in IMRT optimization



Karina Wilk Profile PhotoKarina Wilk (USRA, Winter 2023) 
Research Topic: Automation of radiation therapy design optimization



No Profile PhotoVivien Yu (URA, Fall 2022) 
Research Topic: Comparison of dose calculation methods in IMRT planning

No Profile Photo
Carina Chiu (URA, Fall 2022) 
Research Topic: Formulating motion constraints in sliding windows IMRT 

Umar Yousafzai Profile PhotoUmar Yousafzai (URA, Spring 2022) 
Research Topic: IMRT Dose calculation using MATRAD software


Scholar Sun Profile PhotoScholar Sun (URA, Spring, Fall 2022) 
Research Topic: Mixed-integer programming models and heuristics for embedding clinical constraints in sliding windows IMRT 


William Kwong Profile PhotoWilliam Kwong (URA, Fall 2021-2022) 
Research Topic: Comparing the accuracy and efficiency of different sampling methods for IMRT treatment planning

Tiantian Li Profile PhotoTiantian Li (URA, Fall 2021) email
Research Topic: Automating dose calculations in IMRT treatment planning

Lucy Fountain Profile PhotoLucy Fountain (URA, Winter 2020) email
Research Topic: Constraint generation methods for solving large-scale IMRT treatment optimization problems


No Profile PhotoRafiq Habib (URA, Winter 2020) email
Research Topic: Application of Deliverability Constraints to IMRT with Sliding Windows

Gogilan Selvarajah's Profile PhotoGogilan Selvarajah (URA, Fall 2019) email
Research Topic: Visualization tools for sliding window IMRT

Patrick Maloney Profile PhotoPatrick Maloney (URA, Fall 2019) email
Research Topic: Statistical comparison of radiation therapy techniques for brain cancer treatment


No Profile PhotoJessie Yeung (URA, Winter 2018)    email
Research Topic: IMRT with the sliding window technique: An optimization model and demonstration