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Climate Data and Spatial Stats

Amazon Rainforest - Changes in LAI and NPP under climate change

Spatial distribution of changes (baseline-future for HADCM3 SR-A1B) of Max Leaf Area Index (i.e. forest canopy cover) and Net Primary Productivity (i.e. the measure for how good the Amazon is as a carbon sink). The spatial distribution of the changes of MLAI indicates the northern Amazon would be losing more forest canopy cover by more than 3%. There is a trend of declining NPP throughout Amazon with some parts in southern Amazon could experience a significant loss of forest productivity.

Energy Conservation in Ontario - Changes in energy consumptions between 2007 and 2011

The change in energy consumption pattern between 2007 and 2011 in Ontario. The negative percentage denotes conservation where positive percentage signifies an increase in energy consumption from the baseline year. Regions around Windsor and Ottawa showed higher energy conservation effort whereas the northern part of Ontario showed an increase in energy consumption. The most populated central part of southern Ontario (GTA) displayed a marginal decrease in energy consumption.

Change in Heating Degree Days in Ontario under climate change

Based on the selected future climate projection (MIROC3.2 SR-A1B), there is a trend in the overall decline in Heating Degree Days (HDD) in the province. While Niagara region would experience only a modest decline in HDD, whereas other regions in Ontario could experience a substantial decrease in HDD with the largest decrease in HDD around Simcoe region.


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