Current Students

PhD Students

  • Anshul Goyal, Demand response and energy storage systems in electricity markets
  • Shriram Shukla, TBD
  • Matheus Zambroni de Souza, Compressed air energy storage systems
  • Dario Peralta Moarry, GSHP systems in electricity markets

MASc Students

  • Colton Douglas Pankhurst, Transactive energy systems


Graduated Students

PhD Graduates with Thesis Titles:

  1. Sofia G. Encalada, 2021, Energy Storage Systems for Fast Frequency Regulation Services in Bulk Power Systems.
  2. Omar Alrumayh, 2021, Flexibility Provisions from Energy Storage Systems and Loads in Smart Grid.
  3. Fabian Calero, 2020, Impact of Distributed Battery Energy Storage on Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Systems.
  4. Talal Alharbi, 2020, Planning, Operation and Control of Battery Energy Storage Systems based on Repurposed Electric Vehicle Batteries.
  5. Hisham Alharbi, 2020, Electricity Market Participation and Investment Planning Frameworks for Energy Storage Systems.
  6. Ivan Calero, 2020, Modeling of Compressed Air Energy Storage for Power System Applications
  7. Nitin Padmanabhan, 2019, Demand Response and Battery Energy Storage Systems in Electricity Markets: Frameworks and Models
  8. Omar Alarfaj, 2018, Energy Management and Demand Response of Industrial Systems
  9. Walied Alharbi, 2018, Flexibility Provisions from Energy Hubs for Sustainable Energy Systems.
  10. Bharatkumar Solanki, 2018, Improved and Practical Energy Management Systems for Isolated  Microgrids
  11. Abdullah Bin Humayd, 2017, Distribution System Planning in Smart Grids to Accommodate Distributed Energy Resources and Electric Vehicles.
  12. Badr Lami, 2017, New Approaches to Composite Reliability Assessment of Smart Power Systems
  13. Mostafa Farrokhabadi, 2017, Primary and Secondary Frequency Control Techniques for Isolated Microgrids
  14. Abolfazl (Amir) Mosaddegh, 2016, Optimal Operation of Power Distribution Feeders with Smart Loads
  15. Omar Hafez, 2016, Smart PEV Charging Station Operation and Design Considering Distribution System Impact
  16. Isha Sharma, 2014, Operation of Distribution Systems with PEVs and Smart Loads
  17. Indrajit Das, 2014, Investment Planning Models and Optimal Incentive Design for System Planners and Investors to Integrate Renewables
  18. Mehrdad Pirnia, 2014, Stochastic Modelling and Analysis of Power Systems with Intermittent Energy Sources
  19. Juan Carlos Munoz, 2013, Affine Arithmetic Based Methods for Transient and Voltage Stability Assessment of Power Systems With Intermittent Sources of Power
  20. Sumit Paudyal, 2012, Optimal Energy Management of Distribution Systems and Industrial Energy Hubs in Smart Grids
  21. Mohamed H. Ahmed, 2012, New Models and Analytical Frameworks for Power Systems with Wind Generation Penetration
  22. Mohamad Chehreghani, 2011, Optimal Operation of Energy Hubs in the Context of Smart Grids
  23. Hemantkumar Barot, 2009, New Paradigms in Medium-Term Operations and Planning of Power Systems in Deregulation
  24. Steve M. Wong, 2009, Some Aspects of Distribution System Planning in the Context of Investment in Distributed Generation
  25. Ayed A. S. Algarni, 2009, Operational and Planning Aspects of Distribution Systems in Deregulated Electricity Markets
  26. Ismael El-Samahy, 2008, Secure Provision of Reactive Power Ancillary Services in Competitive Electricity Markets
  27. Hamidreza Zareipour, 2006, Price forecasting and Optimal Operation of Wholesale Customers in a Competitive Electricity Markets
  28. Le Anh Tuan, PhD (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden), 2004, Interruptible Load as an Ancillary Service in Deregulated Electricity Markets
  29. Adrian Andreoiu, PhD (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden), 2004, On Power System Stabilizers: Genetic Algorithm Based Tuning and Economic Worth as Ancillary Services
  30. Jin Zhong, PhD (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden), 2003, On Some Aspects of Design of Electric Power Ancillary Service Markets
  31. B. A. N. Sharma, PhD (IGIDR, Mumbai), 2000, Modeling Frameworks for Electric Generation & Transmission Expansion Planning
  32. Puneet Chitkara, PhD (IGIDR, Mumbai), 1998, Estimation of Performance Benchmarks, Inefficiency Measurement and Pricing of Power

Masters / Other Research Graduates with Thesis Titles: