Dr. Kari D. Weaver (she/her) is an impassioned library educator who believes learning with information is essential to every aspect of our modern world. At the University of Waterloo, this perspective shapes her leadership of information literacy and digital learning in the library. She currently serves as the library representative on her campus New Technologies, Pedagogy, and Academic Integrity Committee where she contributes to policy and pedagogical conversations, decision-making, and professional development programming on generative artificial intelligence in teaching and learning at the University of Waterloo and the Learning Environments Operations (LEO) Committee which provides oversight for the campus LEARN Learning Management System (LMS).

Dr. Weaver’s extensive research background centers on the intersection of human information behavior and pedagogy. She publishes on a wide range of topics including information literacy, academic integrity, misinformation, scientific communication, educational research methods, online learning, and digital accessibility. Professionally, she is the Chair of the ACRL Women and Gender Studies Section (WGSS), an invited member of the American Library Association's prestigious Intellectual Freedom Committee, and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians’ (CAPAL) Research and Scholarship Committee.