ECE 499 Project Course (every term)





The ECE 499 Project is an elective course that can be taken once by a student in their 4A or 4B term. Note that this is a single-term course.   Once a project topic of interest is determined, then a supervisor should be found (typically a faculty member of ECE). The departmental web pages for faculty should be consulted to learn more about the research interests, recent publications and supervised graduate student thesis titles of...

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ECE 657A - Data and Knowledge Modeling and Analysis





Engineers encounter data in many of their tasks, whether the sources of this data may be from experiments, databases, or the Internet. There is a need for effective methods to analyze data, extract useful knowledge from it and to know how to act on it. In this course students will learn how to analyse and prepare data, describe and apply theoretical concepts in Data Science and Machine Learning, design data processing pipelines and implement important machine learning algorithms on a range of datasets and tasks. Students will gain practical experience with coding and analysis through...

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