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ECE 108 Course logoIn ECE 108 we will be learning about discrete mathematics and logic. These are an essential set of tools and theory needed by all engineers and they also provide the underlying theory needed to understand computation itself. The instructors for the course are Professor Mark Crowley and Professor John Thistle

The topics we will cover include the syntax and semantics of propositional logic, how to construct logical proofs, and definitions of sets, relations and functions. In the second half of the course we will formalize counting and sizes of sets with combinatorics which will lead to definitions of probability and expectation.

The course will include weekly online videos posted on youtube and linked through LEARN for both the lectures and tutorial topics.
The lecture videos will be available each week by Monday at noon and consist of narrated slides as well as whiteboard description.

All course content and grades will be made available on LEARN:

Getting Help
There will be virtual office timeslots (Thursdays 10am-11am) with one of the profs consisting of either live video sessions or dedicated "Live Q&A" events on Piazza
This term we will be using Piazza for class discussion. The system is highly catered to getting you help fast and efficiently from classmates, the TA, and myself. Rather than emailing questions to the teaching staff, I encourage you to post your questions on Piazza. If you have any problems or feedback for the developers, email our class
page at:



On Fridays at 11:30-12:30 there will be a weekly "wrap up" live event on the LEARN virtual classroom site that highlights the important topics of the past week or two and how they fit together (Bongo, we could switch to Webex if that is working well for everyone). We will attempt to make this interactive to allow students to ask questions and engage with the content.

Assessment for the course will be composed of complementary assignments and quizzes. Most weeks there will be either a small assignment due or a quiz on the topic of the most recent assignment and lectures. The assignments will be submitted and graded within Crowdmark. The quizzes will be within LEARN or within LEARN or Mobius for some of them.


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