Group Members

Current Group

Jack Elvin-Poole Canadian Rubin Postdoctoral Fellow
Andrew Reeves Ph.D.
Amber Hollinger Ph.D.
Suraj Srinivasan Ph.D.
Hunter Martin Ph.D.
Jordan Ducatel M.Sc.

Former Grad Students and Postdocs

Name Degree Year Current position
Isaac Spitzer Ph.D. 2022 Staff at Space Telescope Science Institute
Bailey Robison M.Sc. 2020 Royal Bank of Canada
Supranta S. Boruah Ph.D.* 2020 Postdoc at U. Arizona
Tianyi Yang M.Sc.* 2020 Ph.D. student at U. of Edinburgh
Harisah Mehmood M.Sc. 2017 Data Scientist
Paul Charlton M.Sc.* 2017 Developer at FixMeStick
Seth Epps M.Sc. 2017 Software Engineer at Hootsuite
Jonathan Carrick M.Sc. 2015 Senior Investment Management Consultant to InfraCo Africa
Morag Scrimgeour Postdoc 2014 Scientist at Canon Medical Research Europe
Kyle Oman M.Sc. 2013 Postdoc in the Dept. of Physics, Durham University
Bryan Gillis Ph.D. 2013 Euclid Senior Research Scientist/Developer at Edinburgh
Guillem Lavaux Postdoc 2013 Faculty at Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
Stephen Turnbull M.Sc. 2012  
Bryan Gillis M.Sc. 2010 Euclid Senior Research Scientist/Developer at Edinburgh
Steve Allanson M.Sc. 2009 Staff at the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory
Louise Edwards Ph.D.* 2006 Faculty in the Physics Department, Cal Poly
Laura Parker Ph.D. 2005 Faculty in the Physics and Astronomy Dept, McMaster U
Russell Smith Postdoc 2005 Faculty at the Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy, Durham, UK
Christian Marinoni Ph.D.* 1999 Faculty at Aix-Marseille Universite, France