Services and Public Outreach

Keynote co-speaker at Junction 2017 (Europe's largest hackathon): Machine Learning in the presence of adversaries. YouTube .

Invited reviewer for Springer Neural Processing Letters (NEPL), IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSCSI). Master's thesis instruction: Alexey Dmitrenko, Swapnil Udar. Bachelor's thesis instruction: Max Franck, Aleksi Peltonen.

Demos and posters e.g. at Secure Systems Group demo days 2015/16/17/18, Aalto University AI Day 2017/18, Aalto Research days 2016/17/18/19. Aalto University Interview [English, Finnish]. Featured by name on Finnish radio (YLE),, Times of India, the Hindu, etc. Research featured on Wired, Forbes, New Scientist, PC Magazine, Digital Trends, Helsingin Sanomat, Repubblica. Visit for more information.