I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Secure Systems Group, University of Waterloo, as of November of 2019. I completed my doctoral degree under the guidance of Prof. Asokan at the Secure Systems Group, Aalto University, Finland, in August of 2019. During my time in the Secure Systems Group I have had the opportunity to regularly meet with industry stakeholders.

Before joining Secure Systems Group, I completed my Master's degree in Systems and Operations Research ( "the science of better") and Data Analysis. I completed my Master's thesis as a student under the guidance of Dr. Francesco Corona in Spring 2015, in the Applications of Machine Learning group. After my PhD, I did a three-month research internship at Huawei Finland Research Center.

I research Security and Privacy of Machine Learning applications, such as hate speech detection and model extraction. I am particularly interested in understanding adversarial behaviour, by developing attacks and defenses.

Links: Publications, Dissertation, Research Visits, Services and Public Outreach, Interview at Aalto University