I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the University of Waterloo. Before coming to Waterloo, I had the pleasure of gaining research experience at the Mathematical Institute and Department of Physics, University of Oxford, and at the Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, University of Pittsburgh. My research interests are in modelling chemical and physical processes that govern biological functions, and using our understanding of how these processes work to design bio-inspired artificial systems. I am particularly interested in the elastohydrodynamics of swimming microorganisms and intercellular chemical signalling. See my research page for more details.

Research topics
  • Biological fluid dynamics
  • Microorganism motility
  • Control of artificial microswimmers
  • Chemomechanical coupling
  • Synthetic chemical reaction networks
  • Low Reynolds number advection-reaction-diffusion systems
  • Numerical methods for fluid-structure interactions
Please get in touch if you'd be interested in working with me or would like to know more. Tell me about your background, interests, and which area you might like to work in. Undergraduate and graduate students are especially welcome!