Information Technology

Document Usability Expert, 1988-1990
Department Prime, 1989-1990
for Bell-Northern Research

Designing and conducting a variety of documentation and interface tests; researching usability, online and interface issues; organizing courses; directing external research; coordinating and directing online policy; directing usability program.

Usability, documentation, and interface consultant

  • Third Conference on Quality in Documentation, 1993
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, 1994
  • OpenText, 1995
  • watAGE, 1999
  •, 2000, 2001
  • QJunction Technology, 2000, 2001
  • Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, 2008, 2011

Editing and professional writing

  • Freelance scientific editor for geologists, 1984-85: corrected and clarified academic manuscripts submitted for publication
  • Contributing editor, The Learned Societies Newsletter, 1981: reviewed, collated, wrote, and edited articles; designed layout
  • Financial writer, Norstar Data Services, 1987: wrote brochures advertising and describing financial services.
  • Copywriter, Technical Writers' Institute, 1987: wrote the brochure for the 1987 conference.
  • Technical Writer, Allied Signal-Bendix, 1986: wrote assembly protocols and systems documentation in an aerospace plant.