Sep Pashang is a PhD Candidate at the University of Waterloo. His multi-disciplinary research is grounded across three domains: sustainability, finance, and emerging technology.

Specifically, his research examines how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis are used to empower the following stakeholders:

1. industry: a) financial institutions and investors seeking accurate, real-time, and predictive ESG data and analytics to support more informed responsible investing, b) who seek alternative disclosure data to uncover and assess company ESG performance

2. society: underserved and unbanked individuals living in poverty who can be supported by a more inclusive digital economy and society to enhance their living conditions; and

3. cross-sector partnerships: actors with unique expertise, tools, and resources in technology, finance, and sustainability who collaborate to address the SDGs.

Prior to this research, he received a B.Comm in Management and a M.A in Management Information Systems.

In the private sector, Sep has for 14 years worked as a technology consultant at US and Canadian financial institutions in areas such as investment banking, capital markets, and wealth management.

In the plural sector, he founded a non-profit organization in 2004 dedicated to sustainable development and has collaborated with NGOs, governments, and community members around the world. His team has addressed health, food security, environmental adaptation, forced displacement, and social innovation. Sep currently sits on the board of a number of Canadian non-profits and is a 4-time TEDx curator and recent TED Circles Host.

Separately, he has founded a speaker coaching consultancy as well as an AI for SDGs community.


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