01 September 2021: I am currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo while I continue supervising my undergrad and grad students. I no longer accept new students. Best wishes!

My research focuses on applying both traditional stable isotopes and metal isotopes (radiogenic and stable) as geochemical and environmental tracers. My students and I have applied integrated approaches including laboratory experiments, field surveys, and geochemical modeling to tackle surface and groundwater contamination issues related to natural resource development (e.g., mineral mining, industrial solid waste, hydrocarbon extraction, geological carbon sequestration, agricultural activities). Our research team is also interested in investigating how abiotic and microbial processes fractionate the isotopic composition of metals, allowing metal isotopes to be reliably used as environmental tracers. Three main areas are listed below:

1. Fate and transport of contaminants and microplastics in the environment

2. Environmental problems associated with resource development such as hydrocarbon extraction, mining, solid waste disposal

3. Abiotic and microbial processes fractionate the isotope composition of metals to reliably use metal isotopes as geochemical and environmental tracers

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I no longer accept graduate students. Thank you for your interest. Thai