Remote work, hybrid work, and the future of work.

Seeking Research Participants

I am currently conducting interviews for a study on remote work, hybrid work. The study looks at the changing meaning of work, but specifically remote and hybrid work in Ontario's technology sector.

If you work in Ontario's technology sector, I am interested in talking with you about your experiences with remote, hybrid, and other flexible work arrangements. It does not matter if you are currently working remotely, in a hybrid role, or are back in the office full-time.

I am also looking to speak with people who work in policy (in the public or private sector, HR, as business /management consultants, or in economic development), who are working on return to office planning or policy and managing distributed workforces in Ontario or the future of the workplace generally. 

Please share this webpage and let me know if you need help sharing it with your colleagues or team. I can help you create an internal email, Slack post, etc. In addition there is PDF letter of information you can download below. Contact me at if you would like more information or are interested in participating. 


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