Welcome! This is Pan-Lab, a unique interdisciplinary and collaborative "kitchen" for fluid physics*. Our studies span from fundamental fluid physics (jets, bubbles, and droplets), micro/bio-fluids, to advanced fluid flow diagnostics. We are driven by curiosity and serve both academia and the community with creative ideas and broader social impact.

Working with scientists and engineers from different fields, our multi-disciplinary fluid dynamics studies have been published in top journals such as PNAS, Nature Plants, J. Fluid Mech, Phys. Rev. Fluids, Phys. Fluids, and Soft Matter, etc. Our works have been featured on journal covers (Nature Plants, Soft Matter), editor’s picks, in 40+ leading media outlets (e.g., Science, Nature, The Washington Post, EurekAlert!, etc.).

We are hiring graduate and undergraduate assistants! Please feel free to contact Dr. Pan if you are interested.




* ''Pan-'' is not only my last name in Chinese (潘) but also is a root word meaning ''all'' in Greek, or ''including everything and everyone'', which implies the soul of our lab: interdisciplinary and collaborative. I hope the fluidic and spreading egg hitting a frying "pan" deliver the passion of our lab: this is a fun and impactful place for fluid sciences!

** The profile picture above shows Zhao standing in front of the McCook Field Wind Tunnel (1918) exhibited in the Air Force Museum, Dayton, OH.