Professional Conduct Policy


The School of Social Work adheres to the Canadian Association for Social Work Education’s (CASWE-ACFTS) Accreditation Standards. In abiding by the standards of the national governing body, CASWE-ACFTS, the School of Social Work provides students and the surrounding communities a measure of confidence regarding competent, well-prepared professional social workers at the undergraduate and graduate level.

The School of Social Work is eager to support a learning community that is built upon relationships that foster respect and inspiration. When we consider professional relations, we focus specifically on the manner in which we share and contribute to the ample learning opportunities that are available during this program where practice meets theory. Therefore, classroom and practicum presence is significant. Together, we can support meaningful and inspiring learning opportunities in the context of meaningful and inspiring relationships.

The School of Social Work and the agencies providing field education share in the responsibility to assist students to develop the skills to conduct themselves in a professional manner both in the classroom and in the field. Therefore, faculty and field representatives have responsibility for the assessment of professional conduct.

Policy Statement

The School of Social Work sets expectations of students’ conduct consistent with the expectations of professional conduct for practicing social workers.  Based upon CASW Code of Ethics as well as workplace ethics, the student is expected to demonstrate commitment to his/her social work education as well as honesty, responsibility, reliability and courtesy.  Communication is the foundation of professional conduct.

Procedural Guidelines

The student is expected to focus his/her attention on the class and/or instruction being provided.

Use of a personal computer or phone for reasons unrelated to course content, is not acceptable. 

Attendance is expected in all social work courses and in the practicum setting. The student must make every effort to inform the instructor as early as possible prior to any absence.  In last minute circumstances (e.g. accident) the student must notify the instructor at the earliest possible time.

In order to support the student learning journey in the School of Social Work, students with any unexplained or unjustified absence will be informed of such, in writing, with the Director of the School of Social Work copied in. For professional clarity and consistent communication practices, any further absences will be documented in writing to the student with the Director of the School of Social Work copied in. The Director of the School of Social Work will follow up at their discretion.

Updated October 2014