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Happy Social Work Week! Happy Social Work Month!!

Once a year, we are invited to pause and to reflect upon our practices, the ethics of those practices, and the growth that we envision for ourselves and the Social Work profession as a whole. This is the time to be curious about our own identities within this profession. It is also a time to consider what impact we, as a collective, can have in the world. We stand in this moment, with a history to acknowledge with actionable accountability, with change making efforts aimed at the institutions we inhabit that have been built to serve colonial and discriminatory agendas, and alongside multiple and diverse communities into which we can immerse ourselves in the here and the now. Please take this moment to consider the ground you are standing upon, the vast world of lives and energies, intertwined like roots, forging narratives and shaping relationships like starry constellations.

Remember also the power of action, as each and every gesture has impact. I recall standing at the mouth of the Grand River in Ontario, where the river flowed into Lake Erie. And elder took some tobacco to the edge of the river, and released it into the water. He reminded us that the water flowed into the lake, which flowed into an ocean, which then flowed in and out of many, many waterways. That small pinch of tobacco had become part of the water systems of the world, whose reach, therefore, had become wide and profound. Our actions, as well, even the smallest of the small, can reach far. Let’s make sure that our every gesture is energized by respect, love, commitment, and, above all, a humility that can allow us to interrogate those very gestures in the name of always doing better.

On behalf of the School of Social Work, and With deep appreciation,

Trish Van Katwyk, Associate Professor and Director, School of Social Work

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The School of Social Work is preparing a new generation of practitioners, researchers, and change agents through theory and practice opportunities to facilitate the collective welfare and wellbeing of all people and promote human rights and social justice.

We have distinguished ourselves through strong academics as well as a skills-oriented approach to social work practice. A cornerstone of our program is our approach to teaching and learning through interactive and stimulating environments on campus and online.

Bachelor of Social Work

Our post-BA Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) (Honours) program is available through full-time and part-time options. This program provides students with a first-level professional Social Work degree. 

We also offer a Social Service Worker pathway to a BSW.

Master of Social Work

Our course-based, Health-focused Master of Social Work (MSW) program is available through full-time and part-time options. The mostly online format makes the program accessible to students across Canada.

The School of Social Work seeks to reflect a diverse student population and welcomes applications from qualified individuals of all ages, gender identities, cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, and abilities.

The School of Social Work faculty are nationally and internationally known for their teaching, scholarship, contributions to the field of study and active participation. They are focused on agency-based social work practice, student education, and knowledge-building through research.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the school’s teaching and learning environment. The web site is organized to provide easy access to information about our various programs and activities, introduce you to the people who make up the school community, and link you to useful social work resources. If you have any questions or concerns, we're only an e-mail or phone call away.


Keri Raif Sura, 519-884-4404, ext. 28698

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Our Bachelor of Social Work program and our Master of Social Work program are accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education.