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Educational institutions often struggle to identify what is the best pedagogical approach to engaging students with academic integrity (AI) content. Developed as part of university-wide research study on academic integrity, Integrity Matters app aims to enhance student academic integrity knowledge and understanding using an innovative pedagogical approach.

Dr. Alice Schmidt Hanbidge, IELA award winner imageproject principal researcher and faculty in the School of Social Work and Tony Tin, project technical lead and Renison’s Librarian, accepted an international academic e-learning award from the International E-Learning Association (IELA). The AI research team developed Integrity Matters, the Foundations for Academic Success App, to introduce the tenets of academic integrity to students for any time, anywhere learning in a meaningful way.

Integrity Matters tri-lingual (English, French, Chinese) mobile app can be readily used and adapted worldwide across post-secondary colleges and universities. Best strategies, from over 1,000 undergraduate student users, for learning this information with mobile technology (m-learning) were explored. Six lessons include diverse student life scenarios, animated videos, interactive exercises and games. Upon successful completion of the lessons and quiz, students are awarded an e-certificate and a digital badge.

Tony and Alice - award winners

To download the free Integrity Matters, Creative Commons 4.0 Licensed app, follow one of the links below.

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Dr. Alice Schmidt Hanbidge, MSW, RSW, PhD is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work, Renison University College.  Email:

Tony Tin, MA, MLS is Director, Library and Information Services at Renison University College.          Email:

​Renison president and professor release new book on subject of racism and colonialism

 A space for raceRenison president, Wendy L. Fletcher, and Renison professor, Kathy Hogarth, have released a new book, which they have coauthored. Entitled A Space for Race: Decoding Racism, Multiculturalism, and Post-Colonialism in the Quest for Belonging in Canada and Beyond, it engages in a critical examination of some of the major discourses related to original/settler/immigrant and, particularly, racialized belonging.
The book explores the various themes of racism, multiculturalism, and post-colonialism and the ongoing tensions, challenges, and inconsistencies around race relations embedded within policy and practice in Canada. It traces the history of race relations and ensuing tensions from encounter to modern day and offers a broad, yet nuanced historical sketch of Indigenous and racialized ethnic groups that make up the Canadian landscape.

IntegrityMatters App: Official Release

The academic integrity app as it appears on a smartphone.The IntegrityMatters application was officially launched recently at a workshop at the 8th Annual Summit on Educational Technology Strategies for K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities by the research team. Over 900 University of Waterloo students have tested the tri-lingual academic integrity app for quality assurance purposes, which is available in English, Chinese, and French from both Google Play and Apple iTunes store.

As part of a $97,000 eCampus Ontario grant, the IntegrityMatters: Foundations for Academic Success project aims to enhance student knowledge and skills about academic integrity through innovative mobile technology pedagogy.

The project presentation team was led by Dr. Alice Schmidt Hanbidge, Assistant Professor at Renison University College, along with technology lead, Tony Tin from Renison’s Lusi Wong Library, Amanda McKenzie, University of Waterloo Director of Quality Assurance(academic programs) and Kyle Scholz, Arts Liaison at the Centre for Teaching Excellence.

Collaborations with the Office of Academic Integrity, along with Associate Deans, Undergraduate Studies in Mathematics, Librarians from Renison and the University of Waterloo, the Centre for Teaching Excellence, and input from the Federation of Students’ Academic Affairs Commissioners provided content to develop a unique set of scaffolded ‘real-life’ video scenarios, based on the values of integrity (honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, fairness and courage from the International Center for Academic Integrity, 2014). Upon successful completion of the app modules, students are awarded an e-certificate and a digital badge.

The IntegrityMatters App was featured at educational conferences around the world such as Kobe, Japan, Portugal, in the Czech Republic, The Teaching Professor conference in the USA, and at the 2018 International Center for Academic Integrity annual conference.

The app will be available for adoption through a Creative Commons open access license to other educational institutions provincially, nationally, and internationally.

Dr Colleen McMillan, Interim Director, School of Social Work, and Tony Tin, Director, Renison Library and Information Services, attend a World Health Symposium at The Hague, Netherlands

faculty and staff receiving a certificate from the international Health Quigong FederationThe International Health Qigong Federation organized the 3rd World Health Qigong Scientific Symposium September at The Hague, Netherlands, in September 2017.

The research team of Master Edward Ho, President of the Canadian Chinese Health Qigong Organization, Professor Colleen McMillan and Tony Tin from School of Social Work and Library Services, Renison University College, were the only Canadian delegates to be invited as featured speakers at this international event. They were invited to present their Qigong exercise research and mood app for older adults living in the community.   

Their research is funded by the University of Waterloo’s Network for Aging Research and makes an important contribution to the literature by challenging the perception that older adults are uninterested in using mobile technology as a means to self monitor their mood and exercise.

For more information about the project, please visit the project website.

Renison professors: University culture preventing sharing of knowledge with communities

In an article published in Engaged Scholars Journal, Renison professors Trish Van Katwyk (School of Social Work) and Robert Case (Social Development Studies) argue for a revitalization of the university's relationship with the community. They put forward that academics should work with community partners to share knowledge and information in an effort to build and maintain democracy.
Read the full story, with comments from Prof. Trish Van Katwyk and Prof. Robert Case.

Prof. Alice Schmidt Hanbidge and Dean Judi Jewinski present at Teaching Professor Conference

At an international conference for educators held in St. Louis, Missouri, Renison professor Alice Schmidt Hanbidge and Administrative Dean Judi Jewinski presented implications of their research into helping Bachelor of Social Work students improve their writing. The presenters shared the results of their two-year study and introduced tools for assessing readability and profiling students’ strengths.
Read the full story, with comment from Judi Jewinski.

Renison professor and BSW student recognized as Leading Women by Ontario program

Renison’s Prof. Idrisa Pandit and Amy Smoke (BSW candidate) were two of eleven local women and girls selected by the Leading Women and Leading Girls Building Communities Recognition Program. Prof. Pandit, the Director of the Studies in Islam program at Renison University College and founder of Muslim Social Services, is a prominent member of Interfaith Grand River and has worked to build bridges between faith communities.
Amy Smoke is a Mohawk woman from Six Nations studying for her Bachelor of Social Work degree at Renison. She is Past President of the Aboriginal Students’ Association and has worked to increase opportunities for Aboriginal, Métis, and Inuit students to connect with their culture and access supports on campus. 

Read the full story, with comment from Catherine Fife, MPP for Kitchener-Waterloo.