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Trish Van Katwyk

Associate Professor and Director
Trish Van Katwyk
519-884-4404 x28681
Location: REN 1519
Link to profile: Trish Van Katwyk

Bianca Bitsakakis

BSW Program Manager
519 884 4404 x28656

Jessica Burns - on leave

MSW Field Education Coordinator
519 884 4404 x28719
Location: REN 1412

Susan Cadell

Susan Cadell Headshot
519-884-4404 x28612
Location: REN 1521
Link to profile: Susan Cadell

Sam Clarke

Definite Term Lecturer

Andrea Daley

Andrea Daley head shot
519-884-4404 x28621
Location: REN 1410
Link to profile: Andrea Daley

Debashis Dutta

BSW Field Consultant and Lecturer

Dori Ferr

MSW Field Education Coordinator
Location: REN 1414

Gabriel Geiger

MSW Field Education Coordinator
519-884-4404 x28657
Location: REN 1512

Margaret F. (Meg) Gibson

Associate Professor, School of Social Work
Meg Gibson head shot
519-884-4404 x28620
Link to profile: Meg Gibson

Alice Schmidt Hanbidge

Associate Professor
Alice Schmidt Hanbidge Head Shot
519-884-4404 x28682
Location: REN 1418
Link to profile: Alice Schmidt Hanbidge

Samantha Kopecki

BSW Admissions Coordinator
519-888-4567 x 28616
Location: Renison

Brenda Maciel

Assistant to the School of Social Work
519-884-4404 x28609
Location: REN 1401

Colleen McMillan

Associate Professor
Colleen McMillan
519-884-4404 x28723
Location: REN 1408
Link to profile: Colleen McMillan

Edwin Ng

Associate Professor
Edwin Ng Head Shot
519-884-4404 x28733
Location: REN 1411
Link to profile: Edwin Ng

Gwen Potter

Assistant to the School of Social Work
+1-519-884-4404 x28665
Location: REN 1424
Link to profile: Gwen Potter

Keri Raif

Administrator and Student Services Manager
519-884-4404 x28698
Location: REN 1409

Veen Wong

MSW Integration Seminar Instructor

Daana Wright

BSW Field Education Coordinator
519-884-4404 x28699
Location: REN 1407

Shella Zagada

MSW Program Manager
519-884-4404 x28729
Location: REN 1417