Past members

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students

Name (term) Thesis title

Current position

Ahmet Camlica (2013 - 2019) Device Architectures for Improved Temporal Response with Amorphous Selenium Radiation Detectors

Res. Asst. Prof. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo

Chris Scott (2011 - 2019)

Hybrid Semiconductor Detectors for High Spatial Resolution Phase-contrast X-ray Imaging

Imaging Systems Design Engineer, KA Imaging

Ayman Hamouda

(2010 – 2015)

Design Techniques for Lithography-Friendly Nanometer CMOS ICs (

co-supervised with Dr. Mohab Anis)

Senior Engineer, IBM (NY)

Kyung-Wook Shin (2009-2014)

Silicon X-ray Detector with Integrated TFT Readout Scientist, Argonne National Labs, USA

​Umar Shafique (2009 - 2014)

Organic semiconductor detector for large area digital imaging

Postdoctoral fellow, ecole polytechnique de montreal

Shiva Abbaszadeh (2009 - 2014) Indirect conversion amorphous selenium (a-Se) photodetectors for medical imaging applications Postdoctoral fellow, Stanford University
Nicholas Allec (2008 - 2012) Multilayer energy discriminating detector for medical x-ray imaging applications Design Engineer, Apple, CA
Yuan Fang (2008-2013) Monte-Carlo transport methods for semiconductor x-ray imaging detectors Lead review of Medical Devices, US Food and Drug Administration
Michael Adachi (2007 - 2012) Development and characterization of plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD) grown silicon nanowires for thin film photovoltaics Process Engineer, IBM, NYC
Amir Goldan (2006 - 2011) Unipolar charge-sensing for evaporated large-area solid-state photoconductors for digital radiography Research instructor of Radiology, Stony Brook Medicine, NY, USA
Mohammed Yazdandoost (2008 - 2011) Photon quantum noise limited pixel and array architectures in amorphous silicon (a-Si) technology for large area digital imaging Sensing systems architect, Apple, USA
Hadi Izadi (2003-10) Multi-mode pixel architectures for large-area real-time x-ray imaging Senior Engineer, Kardium, Vancouver Canada
Afrin Sultana (2005 - 2009) Amorphous silicon based large area detector for protein crystallography Senior device engineer, Intel Corporation
Nader Safavian (2005 - 2009) Current programmed active pixel sensors for large area diagnostic x-ray imaging Senior imaging circuit engineer, ON Semiconductor
Farhad Taghibakhsh (2004 - 2008) Active pixel sensor architectures for high resolution, large area, digital imaging System designer, Qualcomm, USA

Master of Applied Science (MASc) students

Name (term) Thesis title Current position
Li, Yun Zhe (Hummer) (2014-2018) Hybrid Amorphous-Selenium/CMOS Low-Light Imager CMOS Design Engineer, KA Imaging, Kitchener Canada
Maurino, Sebastian (2014-2016)

Design and Optimization of a Stacked Three-Layer X-ray Detector for Multi-Spectral Medical Imaging Applications

Medical Physics Scientist and Engineer, KA Imaging, Kitchener Canada

Parsfar, Alireza (2012 – 2015) Design and Implementation of a High Resolution CMOS X-Ray Imager with Amorphous Selenium Sensor (co-supervised with Peter Levine) Engineer, Intel, Toronto Canada
Ghaffari, Saeedeh (2012 – 2014) Characterization of high gain selenium X-ray detectors for indirect X-ray imaging Hardware Engineer, KA Imaging, Kitchener Canada

Ryan Mann (2012 - 2014)

Evaluation of digital x-ray imaging technologies for tuberculosis screening Systems engineer, Pneumavision
Sina Ghanbarzadeh (2011 - 2013) High performance, low cost lateral metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector for large area indirect x-ray imaging Lead hardware engineer, KA Imaging, Kitchener Canada
Rasoul Keshavarzi (2009 - 2012) Development of external readout circuitry for digital x-ray imager Lab instructor, Electrical Engineering Department, University of Waterloo
Bahman Hadji (2008 - 2010) Evaluation of a direct detection selenium complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) 8x8 passive pixel sensor array for digital x-ray imaging applications Product marketing engineer, OmniVision Technologies
Dali Wu (2008-2010) Noise analysis and measurement for current mode and voltage mode active pixel sensor readout methods Imaging engineer, Aptina, San Jose, USA
Ida Khodami (2006 - 2007) Short wavelength hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si):H photodetector for bio-molecular fragment sizing Senior engineer, Illumina Inc, San Diego, USA
Michael Adachi (2005 - 2007) Low temperature thin film silicon solar cells prepared by hot-wire chemical vapor deposition Postdoctoral fellow, University of Toronto
Lydia Tse (2004-2007) Low temperature p+ nc-Si:H (positively doped hydrogenated nano-crystalline silicon) window layers for large area thin-film solar cells Senior test engineer, GLI Asia, Hong Kong
Golnaz Sanaie (2003 - 2006) Low noise high dynamic range pixel architecture in amorphous silicon technology for diagnostic medical imaging applications Reliability manager, Schneider Electric, Vancouver, Canada
Mingyuan Zhao (2003 - 2005) Self-aligned polysilicon gate metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor for large area electronics Product engineer, RF Microdevices, North Carolina, USA
Ottaviani, Tony (2003 - 2005) Column readout circuitry for amorphous silicon pixel amplifiers for digital imaging Senior engineer, Alcatel-Lucent, Ottawa, Canada

Postdoctoral fellows (PDF)

Name (term) Research Current position
Sheikh Hasibul Majid (2009-2012) Large area amorphous selenium detectors for digital x-ray imaging applications Assistant professor, University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Feng Chen (2009-2010) Development of nano-scale solid state frisch grids Process engineer, Ignis Innovation, Waterloo, Canada
Kai Wang (2008-2011) Development of low dark current amorphous selenium x-ray photoconductor Imaging pixel engineer, Apple, Cupertino, USA
Manju Malhotra (2004 - 2005) Hot-wire chemical vapor deposition (CVD) deposited semiconductor films for imaging and photovoltaics Teacher, Oxford Learning Center, Vancouver, Canada