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Positions Available (June 2016)

There are 5 PhD and MASc positions available in the group. The broad research topics include

  • Devices and Fabrication
    • Selenium Semiconductor for X-Ray imaging
    • Avalanche devices for low light cameras
    • Photon counting semiconductors
  • Integrated Circuit and Systems
    • Sub-micron pixel CMOS cameras
    • Large area CMOS X-Ray imagers
  • Multi-spectral (color) X-Ray imagers
  • Multi-spectral NIR and optical imagers

If interested, please read through the recent papers relevant to the area of your interest and email Prof. Karim S. Karim (kkarim@uwaterloo.ca) with a synopsis of your proposed research topic, a short (2 pages max) resume and a recent transcript (min GPA >80 during the last 2 undergraduate academic years preferred).

Publications by year

Paving the way for a digital X-ray and health-care revolution

Professor Karim S. Karim has patented an innovative technology to create a digital X-ray imager that can be built by a typical flat-panel display manufacturer. The digital X-ray imagers currently on the market are expensive (about $50,000 to $100,000 each) since specialized facilities with highly technical equipment are required to manufacture them.

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World's first 25-micron resolution complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) selenium x-ray detector

As presented at the Society of photo-optical instrumentation engineers (SPIE) medical imaging 2014 conference in San Diego, California:

Animal teeth and jaw bone

Animal teeth and jaw bone

25-50 micron wire diameter aorta stent

25-50 micron wire diameter aorta stent


MASc candidate Yunzhe Li’s project – “Moonlight imaging with hybrid amorphous-selenium/CMOS photodetectors” – claimed the Teledyne DALSAComponentware/CAD Award, one of four decided by judges from academia and industry at the CMC Texpo 2016

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