2015 publications

2015 Journals

A. Hamouda, K.S. Karim, M. Anis, “MIB (Model-based Initial Bias): Towards a Single Iteration Optical Proximity Correction,” IEEE Transactions on Computer Aided Design, accepted December 2015, in press (6 journal pages).


S. Abbaszadeh, S. Ghaffari, S. Siddiquee, M.Z. Kabir, K.S. Karim, “Characterization of lag signal in amorphous selenium detectors,” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, accepted December 2015, in press (6 journal pages)


C.C. Scott, A. Parsafar, A. El-Falou, P. M. Levine, K.S. Karim, “High Dose Efficiency, Ultra-high Resolution Amorphous Selenium/CMOS Hybrid Digital X-ray Imager,” IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) Technical Digest, October 2015, in press. (4 journal pages)


S. Ghaffari, S. Abbaszadeh, S. Ghanbarzadeh, K.S. Karim, “Characterization of Optically Sensitive Amorphous Selenium Photodetector at High Electric Fields,” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, May 2015, in press. (6 journal pages)


K. Wang, S. Abbaszadeh, K.S. Karim, J.A. Rowlands, A. Reznik, “Reactive ion assisted deposition of cerium oxide hole-blocking contact for leakage current suppression in amorphous selenium multilayer structure,” IEEE Sensors Journal, 15(7), pp.3871-6, July 2015. (6 journal pages)


A. Parsafar, C. Scott, A. El-Falou, P. Levine, K.S. Karim, “Direct-Conversion CMOS X-Ray Imager with 5.6 μm × 6.25 μm Pixels,” IEEE Electron Device Letters, 36(5), pp. 481-3, May 2015. (3 journal pages)



2015 Conference Proceedings

C.C. Scott, A. Parsafar, A. El-Falou, P. M. Levine, K. S. Karim, “High Dose Efficiency, Ultra-high Resolution Amorphous Selenium/CMOS Hybrid Digital X-ray Imager,” in the 2015 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), accepted as oral.


T. Nano, T. Escartin, K.S. Karim, I. Cunningham, “The new generation of x-ray detectors: higher DQE and less aliasing with lower exposures,” in SPIE Medical Imaging 2016: Physics of Medical Imaging, San Diego, USA, accepted as oral.


M.K. Russ, A. Jain, S.V.S. Nagesh, C.N. Ionita, C.C. Scott, K.S. Karim, D. R. Bednarek, S. Rudin, “Quantitative comparison using generalized relative object detectability (G-ROD) metrics of an amorphous selenium detector with high- resolution microangiographic fluoroscopes (MAF) and standard flat panel detectors (FPD),” in SPIE Medical Imaging 2016: Physics of Medical Imaging, San Diego, USA, accepted as poster.


S.L. Maurino, I. Cunningham, K.S. Karim, “Theoretical and Monte Carlo optimization of a stacked three-layer flat-panel x-ray imager for applications in multi-spectral diagnostic medical imaging,” in SPIE Medical Imaging 2016: Physics of Medical Imaging, San Diego, USA, accepted as poster.


K.S. Karim, “Ethics 2.0: An introspective approach to understanding and taking ownership of your actions,” in Canadian Engineering Education Association Annual Conference, Hamilton, Canada, accepted as oral, May 2015.


M. Russ, S. V. Setlur Nagesh, C. N. Ionita, C. Scott, K. S. Karim, D. R. Bednarek, S. Rudin, “Relative Object Detectability Evaluation of a New High Resolution a-Se Direct Detection System Compared to other Indirect Micro-Angiographic Fluoroscopic (MAF) Detectors,” in American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Annual Meeting, March 2015, accepted as oral.


E. Ismailova, K.S. Karim, I. Cunningham, “Apodized-Aperture Pixel Design to Increase High-Frequency DQE and Reduce Noise Aliasing in X-Ray Detectors,” in SPIE Medical Imaging 2015: Physics of Medical Imaging, Orlando, USA, February 2015.