Courses requiring applications

Several Social Development Studies courses require you to complete an application form to obtain department consent and be enrolled. 

If you course select any of these courses early you will be removed prior to add/drop; however if you meet the criteria to take the course, you will be added to it once the approval process is complete.

  • Senior Honours Essay/Thesis - SDS 499 A/B - Under the supervision of a faculty member, students focus on an area of Social Development Studies and either complete an essay involving in-depth literature research and analysis or complete a scholarly report on their own study involving literature review, research design, data collection, and analysis.
  • Applied Apprenticeship - SDS 496R - Students volunteer in community organizations for 6-8 hours per week for a term, while attending class seminars at Renison
  • Research Apprenticeship - SDS 495R - Students work with a faculty member on their research.
  • Independent Study Courses - SDS/SOC/SOCWK/PSYCH 398R, 399R, 490R - Students work with a faculty member on independant research/projects.
  • Walls to Bridges (W2B) - W2B courses are university or college based classes taught in jails, prison and community correctional settings. Students who are or have been incarcerated study together with students enrolled in university/college programs.

Forms for Research Apprenticeships, Independent and Special Studies, and Honours Essays are due by the first Friday of each term.

Students must approach their potential supervisor well before the beginning of the term (1-2 months) to allow enough time for a project description, student role, course description, etc., to be developed. Early submission of forms is highly encouraged.

Please allow at least 48 hours for your form to be reviewed. If your form is approved, you will be notified by e-mail, and the Registrar's Office will have the course added to your schedule.

Students who opt to do a specialization may be able to take some of the courses listed above as part of their specialization requirements, provided that the topics studied fit with the chosen specialization. Department consent will be required - please fill out the appropriate form.

Finding a Supervisor

This is a list of our full-time faculty and their research interests. Ideally your topic should align somewhat with your supervisor's expertise so they can best support you. Please email them directly to inquire about supervision opportunities.