Graduate/Postdoc Applicants

We currently have a limited number of funded positions available for outstanding graduate and postdoctoral applicants.

If you are passionate about social, cognitive or developmental robotics, with the aim to develop intelligent robots that can interact naturally and efficiently with people then do consider applying to our lab. Note, while postdocs and graduate students in our lab have a strong background in engineering or computer science, we welcome applicants with additional relevant research experience and interests in psychology, cognitive science, or social sciences.

Note, you must have relevant research experience in social, developmental or cognitive robotics, human-robot interaction, human-computer interaction, assistive technology, or affective computing. We do not supervise research in any other areas.

If your background is highly relevant to the study and development of social and intelligent robots, then please contact the supervisor you would like to apply with (either Professor Dautenhahn, Professor Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, or Professor Ghafurian) and make sure to include the information below:

  • Add the exact title of “YOUR NAME – Interested to Apply for Graduate/Postdoc Studies in SIRRL”
  • Send (1) your CV, (2) transcripts, and (3) a one-page summary of why you are highly qualified specifically for research in our lab and what research direction you are interested to pursue and have backgrounds in. Attach publications or reports you have written. To provide a concrete example of possible research in our lab, please access particular publications in SIRRL (ca n be found under Publications on our website) and explain how you could contribute to this kind of research.

* Note, due to the very high number of applications Professors Dautenhahn, Nehaniv and Ghafurian will not respond to emails if the format above is not followed.

Professor Dautenhahn supervises MASc and PhD graduate students in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Systems Design Engineering, and Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering. She can also supervise graduate students enrolled in the school of Computer Science, in joint supervision with Computer Science Faculty members.

Professor Nehaniv supervises MASc and PhD graduate students in Systems Design Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering. He also supervises M.Math and Ph.D students in Applied Mathematics.

Professor Ghafurian supervises MASc and PhD graduate students in Systems Design Engineering. She also supervises graduate students enrolled in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) in joint supervision with ECE faculty members.

Applicants with an engineering or computer science background are expected to have outstanding programming skills. Applicants need to have demonstrated abilities to write scientific articles in English. Applicants for postdoctoral research fellows must have a proven track record of publishing in relevant, top international journals and conferences in the areas of social and intelligent robotics and/or human-robot interaction.

While applicants will work on individual projects, we strongly encourage teamwork, where appropriate, and a team spirit to help with the challenges we face in this exciting research at the forefront of robotics research.

Interested in joining our research group? Please see information below about the application process:

SYDE Graduate Studies, ECE Graduate Studies, Postdocs