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graduate students

Graduate studies information

If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies you can request information by filling out a form.

Finding a supervisor

Students will work with a faculty supervisor throughout their degree. Find the right supervisor.


General awards and funding

The Faculty of Engineering is offering scholarships and fellowships for Canadian and Permanent Resident students.

How to apply

This section has all the information about how to apply to the Systems Design Engineering graduate programs.


The Department of Systems Design Engineering offers the following graduate programs:

The Department and Graduate Studies web sites provide information designed to help applicants determine their eligibility for admission.

Regrettably, we can neither consider nor assess prospective students for admission (including offering any opinion on eligibility) without a completed application package; therefore, we look forward to receiving your online application with its supporting documentation. 

There are many factors taken into consideration for admission to our graduate programs:

  • Previous academic record: courses taken, degree(s) received, overall standing, etc.
  • For course-based programs: your resume, references, any relevant industrial experience, and the overall strength of the applicant pool.
  • For research-based programs: previous areas of research and study, published papers (both journal and conference papers), grades, references and experience.
    • Every faculty member has limitations with respect to funding, space considerations and time commitments; therefore, each faculty member will make every effort to select those applicants who most closely match his or her current areas of research.  

Exceptional MASc applicants may be considered for direct-entry to the PhD program from a bachelor’s program. Applicants interested in being considered for a direct-entry PhD should include a statement to that effect in their Supplementary Information Form (SIF). Applicants who will be considered for direct-entry to the PhD program will be contacted by a representative from the Department within two months of the application deadline.

  1. Applicants should apply at least two weeks before the applicable application deadline in order to ensure all supporting documents can be uploaded and received at Waterloo by the deadline.
  2. Applicants are not required to secure a Supervisor(s) prior to applying for admission. We suggest that you apply, upload all materials and then start the process of trying to make contact with faculty members in the research area(s) that you are interested in. You can find out more about contacting a faculty member to be your prospective supervisor here.