Learn the art of engaging virtual presentations in this month’s WaterLeadership

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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In the era of Covid-19, many conferences, workshops, and in-person events have moved online. This trend is expected to continue into the future. As such, you may be asked to present your research in a virtual format. This creates many new challenges that can be difficult to navigate. While many presentation skills and best practices apply to both in-person and virtual presentations, expert presenters understand the importance of adjusting their approach to ensure a connection with a virtual audience. 

As part of the Water Institute's WaterLeadership training series, Knowledge Mobilization Specialist Nancy Goucher curated a seminar entitled, "Create engaging virtual presentations"with special guest Elise Vist from the UW Writing and Communication Centre.

In this live webinar, you will learn how to prepare virtual presentations that effectively describe your research in a short amount of time. This training session will give you the tools to narrow down the key elements of your research and create a short, engaging message to share with diverse virtual audiences.

Specific learning objectives include:

  • Create presentations that cater to your intended audience
  • Implement strategies for keeping your audience engaged in a virtual setting
  • Implement basic principles of visual design to improve your slide decks
  • Tips for effectively delivering effective remote presentations

If you are a student or researcher (even if your work is not related to water) and you want to learn how to give engaging virtual presentations with well-designed visuals, please register using your @uwaterloo.ca email address. Note that the WaterLeadership Online Training Course is only open to University of Waterloo students, faculty and staff.

Visit the WaterLeadership webpage for a full schedule of modules offered by the Water Institute that helps students and faculty develop applied research impact skills to catalyze knowledge into action.

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