Sign Up Today for ERS 275 Winter 2022: Indigenous Sustainability Entrepreneurship

Monday, November 8, 2021

Interested in Indigenous Economics, Environmental Sustainability, Indigenous Entrepreneurship?

Announcing Winter Term 2022 Course Offering – ERS 275 Indigenous Sustainability Entrepreneurship

This course provides an overview and introduction to environmental sustainability through the lens of Indigenous entrepreneurship. Indigenous sustainability entrepreneurship can be defined by a commitment to nation building and economic development centered on Indigenous culture and ways of knowing for the protection of future generations.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems represent an applied science developed over thousands of years that express complex and sophisticated practices for building sustainable relationships with the environment. Although Indigenous Peoples are diverse, they share many of the same contemporary global sustainability challenges such as climate change, water security, food sovereignty and urbanization. The course gives students the opportunity to apply sustainability concepts to real-life environmental challenges facing Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs. How do Indigenous entrepreneurs navigate their responsibility to their nations, communities, nature, and future generations? Through a series of case studies of Turtle Island students will be introduced to Indigenous sustainability entrepreneurs addressing pressing environmental challenges for their Indigenous communities. Ultimately, students will be charged with identifying an environmental challenge facing an Indigenous community and developing a business innovation that is a cultural match to protect future generations.

See course flyer for 2022(pdf) and last year’s Course Video:

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