Core Faculty

Alicia Batten

Professor of Religious Studies and Theological Studies (New Testament)

Jeremy Bergen

Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Theological Studies

Jane Kuepfer

Schlegel Specialist in Spirituality and Aging

Troy Osborne

Dean, Associate Professor of History and Theological Studies

Carol Penner

Director of Theological Studies, Assistant Professor of Theological Studies, Coordinator of Applied Studies

Kate Steiner

Assistant Professor of Music


Adjunct Instructors

Current Adjuncts

Teaching: TS 677 Church and Ministry
Winter 2023
Director, NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community
Teaching: TS 733 Indigenous Theologies
Spring 2022
Associate Professor of Christian Proclamation, AMBS
Course Taught: TS 755 Preaching
Spring 2023

Previous Adjuncts

Assistant Professor of Religous Ethics and Culture, Emmanuel College,  University of Toronto 
Teaching: TS 732 Theologies of the Global South
Fall 2021