Students and professor talking in the Atrium

As a Waterloo-affiliated university college, Grebel offers its students the best of both worlds: the intimacy and focus of a unique academic community combined with the resources and opportunities of a large institution.

Graduate students of the Master of Theological Studies program will have access to a wide range of services, resources and opportunities at both Grebel and "across the creek" on Waterloo’s main campus.

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At Grebel

Graduate students may take advantage of many Grebel programs and resources:

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At Waterloo

Graduate students have a wealth of support and programs to draw on:

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Welcome to MTS Program

We have a new MTS video describing our program to potential students.

You will learn about the structure, specifics and unique opportunities of our program!

Watch it and see if you recognize anyone!  Is there someone you know who might be interested in studying theology? Consider sending them this link to watch the video, or share with them about your own experiences in the program.