Each Wednesday, students, faculty & staff gather for Chapel and Community Supper. 

 CHAPEL   4:30pm

Photo of Grebel students in chapel

Grebel's chapel progam exists to nurture and support students in their faith journey while at university. There is one weekly chapel service and many informal opportunities to connect. While chapel services reflect the faith and values of the Mennonite tradition, a wide variety of faith backgrounds are welcome in our gatherings.

The Chaplain, Jessie Reesor Rempel, leads a student Chapel Team in planning the weekly service. The Chapel Choir usually accompanies the Wednesday service. This service is open to all. If you would like to be on the Chapel team, contact Jessie!

Fall 2021   Stories of Challenge and Transformation

September 15, 22, 29 & October 6

Over the first four weeks, the chapel team will bring you an in-depth look at challenge and transformation through the eyes of Ruth. Ruth was a biblical character who faced the loss of her husband head-on using unconventional methods to secure a future for herself. Bitterness, abandonment, quick thinking and hard work are some themes that the chapel team may explore with you as you begin the term.

October 20, 27, November 3 & 10 The middle of the term will see us sitting with Jonah, perhaps, metaphorically, in the belly of the whale! Jonah has this on-again/off-again thing with God but through it all they keep the dialogue going – despite quick and frequent accusations. Conflict in relationship... not wanting to do what has been asked of you... feeling a lack of justice... these are all relevant avenues to explore in a contemporary look at Jonah's challenges and transformation
November 17, 24 & December 1

As we bring the term to a close, we'll walk in Esther's shoes. Here we've got this young Jewish orphan girl who catches the eye of the King of Persia and eventually becomes Queen. Talk about being out of your element and needing to learn a new culture quickly! Esther doesn’t act passively in her new position, but instead saves her people from genocide. Maybe this term ends with a look to the future and how even though we may come from seemingly insignificant roots, our potential to do good has unlimited possibilities. What are our challenges? Where is our transformation? Where does Esther give us strength and the ability to see a way through the impossible? 


Community Supper

Central to community life at Grebelis this one-hour weekly Wednesday dinner. It is a time for residents, associates, faculty and staff to gather for delicious food, announcements about upcoming events and a short program that varies from week to week. Students are expected to put this time into their calendar and attend each week. If you have a conflict, talk to Mary Brubaker-Zehr.

Fall 2021 Community Supper schedule

Date What's happening
Sept. 8 Commencement
Sept. 15 Student Council election speeches
Sept. 22 Who are the Mennonites - Professors Troy Osborne and David Neufeld
Sept. 29

Reflections on a world in upheaval - Remembering and acting on our original instructions. Presented by Paulette Moore

and Tamara Louks from The Aunties Dandelion

Oct. 6 Actions speak louder than words - an MCC presentation
Oct. 13 No Community Supper - reading week
Oct. 20 Music and you with Mark Vuorinen and other music faculty
Oct. 27 Featuring the Peacetech Living Learning cluster
Nov. 3 Peace is everybody's business with Reina Neufeldt and other PACS faculty
Nov. 10 Lessons from hiking The Great Divide - Lowell Ewert
Nov. 17 Really big life questions with Alicia Batten and other RS faculty
Nov. 24 Fire, Fire, Fire with Grebel Alum, Eric Kennedy
Dec. 1 TBD
Dec. 7 Celebrating the end of term