Bruxy Cavey to Teach Church as Mission Course in Spring 2021

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Bruxy Cavey will teach course at Grebel

Bruxy Cavey will be joining the Master of Theological Studies (MTS) program as visiting lecturer in the Spring 2021 term. He is the Teaching Pastor at The Meeting House, one of the largest churches in Canada. He is the author of bestselling books The End of Religion, and (re)union: The Good News of Jesus for Seekers, Saints, and Sinners.

Bruxy will teach Church as Mission (TS 674). Though he has taught a version of the course in evangelical seminaries, he is excited to bring it to his own theological “home town” of Anabaptism. “The early Anabaptists had a high evangelistic zeal that, understandably, was somewhat lost over the centuries due to continued persecution and dislocation,” he said. “I think this is a wonderful season for us as a movement as we recapture some of that initial enthusiasm for Jesus and his good news.”

In his teaching, Bruxy will draw on his experience leading The Meeting House, which has described itself as “a church for people who aren’t into church.” It is a model designed to connect people with community in a variety of ways. “Viewed from the outside-in, The Meeting House looks like a contemporary, multi-site, mega church that also has an optional small group program on the side. Viewed from the inside-out, we are actually a movement of local house churches (over 100 home churches), who also have an optional large group program on Sunday mornings.” 

“Drawing on his experience as an innovative leader, Bruxy Cavey will help us think creatively about different models of ministry and mission in the changing Canadian context. He is a sought-after speaker and teacher because he is a perceptive interpreter of the present moment,” said Jeremy Bergen, Director of Theological Studies at Grebel. “Several students connected with The Be In Christ Church (BIC) of Canada, which includes The Meeting House, have completed our program. Bruxy’s involvement at Grebel is an opportunity to strengthen connections with these faith communities.”

Rebecca Thomson, a graduate of the MTS program, now serves as Research Pastor of The Meeting House. Several years ago, she was part of a small house church group with Bruxy and Nina Cavey, who encouraged her to pursue pastoral ministry and recommended Grebel as the place to study. “Grebel’s MTS program combines the best of Anabaptist theology with Jesus-centred discipleship,” she said. “I appreciated the time and care that professors dedicated to equipping our cohort for pastoral ministry in a post-Christendom world.”

After graduation, Rebecca began to do research support for Bruxy’s sermons and other teaching responsibilities. “My education at Grebel positioned me to be an excellent fit for this role,” she said. She is pleased that other students in the program will have the opportunity to learn from him. “Bruxy has a genuinely gifted style of communication and translates complex theological questions into understandable, thoughtful, and pastorally sensitive conversations. His passion for the teaching of Jesus is apparent, and he brings a wonderfully Christocentric view to Scripture and ethics.”

The MTS program at Grebel and UWaterloo invites students from diverse backgrounds and Christian traditions to form a learning community to study the Bible, theology, and ministry. All full-time students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents receive full tuition scholarships. Courses are taught by full-time Grebel faculty members as well as guest instructors with a wide range of experiences and expertise.