Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Recently, Hayden Bulbrook, a Tri-U History University of Waterloo MA Student, was featured in his local newspaper, the Stratford Beacon-Herald. The article explains his creative response to the limitations brought about by the pandemic.

Hayden's research for his Major Research Project (MRP) changed dramatically since he could no longer travel to Europe. The article reports that for a break he created an Instagram account (@stratfordhistory) where he posted images found in online archives of local 20th century sites. The Instagram account now has 800 followers. Hayden reports that about 100 additional people joined after reading the article.

"Taking that idea a step further, Bulbrook decided to use the momentum of his Instagram account to begin a fundraiser for Gallery Stratford," the article adds.

Hayden plans to defend his MRP at the end of September 2020. He hopes to work in the area of urban planning or heritage conservation.

"Hayden's fascinating project highlights the resiliency and creativity of our history students during this global pandemic," says Susan Roy, the Associate Chair (Graduate) of the History program at Waterloo.

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