Celebrating 10 Years of Service in the Water Institute!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Kevin Boehmer
This week we celebrate that Kevin Boehmer was appointed as the Water Institute’s Managing Director exactly 10 years ago. Kevin joined the University of Waterloo’s Water Institute on July 18, 2011. Since his appointment, the Water Institute has developed into a force majeure on campus. Water has been a focal point in the University’s strategic plan for over a decade, but the Water Institute would never have blossomed the way it has without Kevin’s professionalism, creativity, and unique problem-solving management skills.

Dave Rudolph, professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and founding executive director of the Water Institute, noted Kevin’s contribution: Kevin has been such a fundamental part of the Water Institute since its inception. He is a franchise player in so many ways, a great friend to so many of us and has been instrumental to the Institute’s growth and success.”

Kevin is a KW-native who obtained his Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Geography and his Master of Arts in Regional Planning and Resource Development from the University of Waterloo. Before joining the Water Institute, Kevin worked for more than 20 years as a consultant in Canada (CH2M HILL and the Canadian Standards Association in Toronto) and Indonesia (World Bank). When arriving at the Water Institute, he expressed a wish to “create a vibrant network for collaboration across all six faculties” (Science News, 12 August, 2011). Ten years on, the only rightful conclusion is that Kevin succeeded in his pursuit.

Kevin Boehmer A
Kevin Boehmer B

Kevin then (2011) and Kevin now (2021) – not a single grey hair and always good-humored

Kevin managed the Water Institute’s growth from its low profile as three lone offices on the third floor of the RAC1 building on the North Campus to its current mid-campus suite and worldwide reputation.

Distinguished professor emeritus and former Water Institute executive director, Bob Gillham, expressed his congratulations to Kevin on this milestone: Kevin’s commitment, insight and communication skills were instrumental in the early development of the Institute. In particular, I appreciate the four years we worked together, his friendly manner and problem-solving skills.” 

Kevin is highly respected. Both faculty members and the WI graduate students know him to be always there to help and assist. Kevin has been instrumental in helping the Institute grow and mature. His colleagues in the Water Institute did not want to let this milestone pass by unnoticed and surprised him with a small token of appreciation this week for his amazing collegiality and mentorship – a gift card from Kevin’s favorite Canadian fresh coffee maker for when he’s allowed back on campus.

Roy Brouwer, the current executive director of the Water Institute added: “Kevin is a professional manager, not always a self-evident quality in an academic environment. The Water Institute, its members and students, and I could not have asked for a more collegial and outstanding manager than Kevin. He deserves to be put in the spotlight. His dedication, openness, vision, and constructive problem-solving attitude have transformed the Institute’s programming and daily operations to unparalleled heights.”