Revolutionizing toxic algae identification

jason deglint water instituteJason Deglint, Co-founder, Blue Lion Labs, PhD candidate, Faculty of Engineering, Velocity Science 

Quick and accurate identification of potentially toxic cyanobacteria that cause algae blooms is key to effectively manage drinking water and recreational lakes. The current methods for identifying these bacteria are manual, tedious and time-consuming. Jason Deglint is harnessing the power of digital imaging and artificial intelligence by creating a device with the goal of testing for cyanobacteria on-site. Along with founding members Chao Jin and Alexander Wong, the vision of Blue Lion Labs is to allow treatment plants, governments and private organizations, as well as local communities, to be proactive instead of reactive at the onset of a bloom by providing valuable data to key decision makers.

blue lion labs logo“I want to solve real-world problems – not theoretical ones – and toxic algae in our water is a big problem,” says Deglint. “Water quality affects everyone and it’s something we need to tackle.”

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