Learning to break boundaries

See where the pursuit of knowledge has taken our students this year. 

We aspire to educate in a variety of ways. Supporting over 300 water graduate students, including both Collaborative Water Program students and those mentored by our researchers, we are empowering the water leaders of tomorrow. We seek out ways to inspire innovation and interdisciplinary perspectives within academia and beyond.

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Danielle Lindamood
MES '18 in Sustainability Management (Water)
Faculty of Environment
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"The Collaborative Water Program not only helped me form a deeper appreciation for the importance of my own expertise, but it also enabled me to broaden my water knowledge, refine my ability to communicate across disciplines, and ultimately understand the dire need for collaborative work on water issues."

Empowering the next generation of water innovators

The young entrepreneurs below took three of the five winning spots in the AquaHacking 2017: United for Lake Erie challenge. The competition was held in Waterloo as a result of an exciting three-year partnership between the Water Institute and the de Gaspé Beaubien Foundation.

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"The Collaborative Water Program is a flagship example in Canada, and around the world, of a truly interdisciplinary water graduate program."

— Rob de Loë, Director, Collaborative Water Program