Using artificial intelligence to preserve water and save money

thouheed abdul gaffoorThouheed Abdul Gaffoor, Co-founder, EMAGIN, Alumnus, Faculty of Engineering, Velocity Garage

Humans make most of their decisions around how a city’s water supply is managed, but now artificial intelligence-supported software can do it better – preserving water resources and saving money. Thouheed Abdul Gaffoor is a co-founder of EMAGIN, a startup that is helping water utilities become more efficient and resilient. EMAGIN’s software works with sensors to offer facility operators more accurate and timely information and recommendations. During a storm, for instance, EMAGIN’s software can allow operators to more effectively treat incoming wastewater and prevent overflows.

EMAGIN logo"Water is the one of the last utilities to be digitized, says Gaffoor, likely because in Canada “we have the luxury of abundance.” The company works with several U.S.-based companies and a few Canadian municipalities. By late 2018, EMAGIN expects to double in size and expand its work with utilities in Canada. Gaffoor says, “I’d like to see us grow in our own backyard.”