ASTRAW Project Portal

Welcome to the ASTRAW portal.  

Members of the Waterloo community are invited to participate in the Waterloo Centre for Microbial Research COVID-19 Asymptomatic Saliva Testing Research at Waterloo (ASTRAW) study. Thisresearch initiative led by Dr.Trevor Charlesand Dr.Jozef Nissimovwill aim to determine if frequent saliva-based COVID-19 testing is a feasible method for prevention of COVID-19 community and workforce spread, and to monitor the prevalence of other viruses on campus.

Please continue to provide samples even if you have been vaccinated as infections are still possible following vaccination and information about new strains that may infect vaccinated individuals will be very important.

We do not yet know how sensitive this test is and whether it is as good or better than the conventional nasopharyngeal swab and laboratory test performed at an approved provincial testing site. Thus, participation in this study is not a substitution for monitoring your health, staying home from work and getting tested at a provincial testing site (if eligible) if you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

Please continue to follow the University of Waterloo’s COVID-19 guidance if you are experiencing symptoms, or have tested positive through this study or a rapid antigen test.

University of Waterloo - Coronavirus Health and Safety

Below is a link for a webpage from the Government of Canada listing symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

Government of Canada - Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19

New sample tubes with barcodes can be picked up at the dropbox location in front of the Biology 1 Building at the indicated times (9 am –12 pm, Monday and Wednesday), or by appointment. Campus map.

Steps 1 and 2 must be completed first:

  1. Read about what you will consent to as part of this study
  2. Fill out Consent document to particpate in the study
    Please, do not complete this survey unless steps 1 and 2 in the project portal have been completed
  3. Start of project survey
  4. New barcode registration
  5. New vaccination (optional)
  6. Official COVID test result (optional)
  7. Withdraw from study
    Please, do not complete this survey unless you withdrew from research
  8. End of project survey

On behalf of Dr. Trevor Charles and Dr. Jozef Nissimov and the participating faculty and staff we thank-you for your time and your consideration.