Microbes at Work

Thursday, April 11, 2019 3:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT (GMT -04:00)

Come hear WCMR speakers discuss the "Microbes at Work" on Thursday April 11th at 3pm in STC 2002.

Our panelists are:

Hung-Sool Lee
Hyung-Sool Lee

Hyung-Sool’s research involves fundamentals and applications of Microbial Electrochemical Cells (MECs) for resource-recovering waste and wastewater treatment, bio-batteries, and biosensors. In addition, Professor Lee has worked for anaerobic membrane bioreactor, dark fermentation, and anaerobic methane oxidation coupled to denitrification.

Hyung-Sool Lee is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and is also the Director of the Waterloo Environmental Biotechnology Lab at the University of Waterloo. He is th4e recipient of several international fellowships, early researcher award, engineering research excellent award and worked as Associate Editor to Frontier in Microbiology, Guest Editor Materials Special Issue Microbial Electrochemical Cells, and Guest Editor to Bioresource Technology Special Issue Microbial Fuel Cells

Maren Olbermann
Maren Oelbermann

Maren leads the Soil Ecosystem Dynamics Research Group with an international team whose work focuses on climate change and the impact of climate change on plant and soil ecosystems, restoration of marginal/degraded lands, and sustainable agriculture (permaculture, intercropping, agroforestry practices, organic farming). The goal of this research group is to enhance our knowledge of the environmental processes that take place in plant and soil ecosystems.

Maren is an Associate Professor in the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability and holds a cross-appointment to the Department of Geography and Environmental Management and is a Special Graduate Faculty at the University of Guelph.

Valerie Ward
Valerie Ward

Valerie’s research encompasses on the development of novel bioprocesses for applications in bioresource engineering and biorefining. Her primary focus is the use of microalgae, metabolic engineering, and ionic liquid based separations in biological systems. Professor Ward has made significant contributions to the development of direct catalysis of wet biomass to biodiesel using ionic liquids and the metabolic engineering of microorganisms for isoprenoid production.

Valerie Ward is an assistant professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Waterloo.

Phil Dennis
Phil Dennis

Phil Dennis is a Senior Manager at SiREM, a Guelph based applied bioremediation company with global reach. With roles in business development and broadening SiREM’s technical offerings through R&D, Phil has played a key role in the launch and growth of the company. SiREM’s focus includes treatability studies for optimizing remediation strategies, molecular genetic microbial characterization technologies and application of beneficial microorganisms to degrade chlorinated solvents in groundwater. SiREM’s ultimate goal is assisting the sustainable rehabilitation of contaminated land and increasing our access to clean water.