Another successful Consumer Electronics Show (CES'18) automated driving demonstration

Monday, January 15, 2018

Members of Waterloo Intelligent Systems Engineering lab helped develop and deliver another successful automated driving demonstration for Renesas at Consumer Electronics Show (CES'18) in Las Vegas, Jan 8-11, 2018. The car performed flawlessly for four days, delivering automated driving experience to hundreds of visitors.

This year, the demo included 

  • navigation using high-definition map by Ushr,
  • reverse and parallel parking,
  • driving out of the parking spaces onto the track,
  • enhanced emergency pullover behaviour, 
  • vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communication with traffic lights,
  • vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication with another car,
  • stop sign handling and yielding to a car oncoming from the right,
  • traffic lights handling, left turn at a four-way intersection, and yielding to a car oncoming from the opposite direction.

For more about our collaboration with Renesas, visit Renesas CES 2017/2018.

Renesas Autonomy Skyline demo car