Mac version of new WatSAFE Desktop Notification tool now available

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

What is happening? The Mac version of the new WatSAFE Desktop Notification tool (announced in August) is now available.

What do users need to do? Steps for installing the new tool on a Mac machine are listed below or are available in the IST Knowledge Base,

To install the latest version of the WatSAFE Desktop Notification software on a Mac workstation:

  1. Download the app:
  2. Run the PKG file to begin installation
  3. If you receive an error that the app cannot be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software, complete the following steps:
    1. Open your System Preferences
    2. Click Security & Privacy
    3. Under the General tab, under Allow apps downloaded from:
      1. Ensure both App Store and App Store identified developers are checked
    4. You may see the message, "AppArmorDesktopMac" was blocked from user because it is not from an identified developer
    5. Click Open Anyway
  4. Step through the rest of the installation process and enter your Mac password when prompted to Install the software
  5. In Finder > Applications, look for Desktop Notifications (blue icon with exclamation mark) and double click it to start
  6. When prompted, click Allow to let WatSAFE Desktop Notifications provide notifications on your machine
  7. To ensure the WatSAFE Desktop Notification tool is installed, look for the icon (triangle with exclamation mark) in the system tray and ensure the status icon is green. Hovering over the icon will display WatSAFE Desktop Notification. 

Managed Mac machines: If you are responsible for managing a group of Mac machines, you may request a package-based deployment version via Request Tracker (RT),

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Notifications are no longer available via SMS.