About Regroup Mobile

As UWaterloo’s emergency notification system (ENS), Regroup Mobile offers a streamlined notification process for consistent messaging across various communication channels. Regroup Mobile was selected for its adaptable features and user-friendly interface and suitability to the University of Waterloo’s unique organizational structure. Regroup’s track record of success was influential in the decision; satisfied clients include post-secondary institutions and major companies.

This system enables swift and coordinated responses to critical situations through:

  • text/SMS
  • voice calls
  • emails
  • mobile app push notifications
  • social media platforms
  • desktop alerts

Regroup Mobile’s multi-channel approach ensures that emergency messages are delivered quickly and efficiently, maximizing visibility during crises.

Privacy and Accessibility

Privacy is a top priority in the implementation of the new system. Following a careful review, Regroup Mobile met all UWaterloo privacy, security and accessibility requirements. In the coming weeks and months, we will be meeting with various stakeholder groups to ensure that the new system meets the requirements of everyone in our community. 

Besides a new app, what else is changing?

Other communication methods you might be used to seeing - for example,  desktop takeovers - will be migrated to the new system over the summer months. Stay tuned for further updates.