Dr. Maria Strack (Professor)

Oluwabamise Afolabi (PhD candidate): Effects of climate change on temperate swamp carbon cycling

Dr. Nicole Balliston (PDF): Hydrologic controls on peatland C storage and GHG exchange

Christina Bao (MSc student): Response of peatland plant functional traits to seismic line disturbance

Maryam Bayatvarkeshi (PhD student): Effect of seismic lines on water balance at local to watershed scales

Dr. Marissa Davies (PDF): Effects of peatland disturbance (e.g., wildfire, oil exploration) on peatland soil C stocks

Jennifer Fliesser (MSc student): Local controls on tree establishment and growth on peatland seismic lines

Tasha-Leigh Gauthier (PhD candidate) - co-supervised with Jon Price: Functional traits of restored peatland mosses

Miranda Hunter (PhD candidate): Hydrological controls on GHG emissions from actively harvested peatlands

Percy Korsah (PhD candidate): Effect of linear disturbances on peatland function.

Torben Russo (MSc student): Effect of well-pad restoration to peatland on hydrological function.

Andrew Rutland (MSc student): Ecological indicators of carbon storage in restored horticultural peatlands

Megan Schmidt (PhD student): Carbon exchange in temperate swamps in Ontario

Abigail Shingler (MSc student): Effect of wildfire on peatland methane exchange

Nazia Tabassum (PhD student): Effect of seismic line disturbance and restoration on ecosystem C storage

Emma Wegener (MSc student): Recovery of boreal peatland plant communities and C cycling following wildfire

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Two field researchers conduct a ground-penetrating radar survey in a peatland.

Research stands beside ditch while a tractor drives past.

Two researchers measure carbon flux in a peatland

Researcher measures water table in a treed peatland.