Dr. Maria Strack


Aneta Bieniada (PhD candidate)

Methane dynamics in restored Canadian peatlands.

Dr. Scott J. Davidson (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Peatland disturbance and restoration

Tasha-Leigh Gauthier (PhD student) - co-supervised with Jon Price

Functional traits of restored peatland mosses

Dr. Ellie Goud (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Plant physiological ecology and wetland restoration

Miranda Hunter (M.Sc. student)

Hydrological controls on GHG emissions from actively harvested peatlands

Ryan Kangro (M.Sc. student)

Fen methane dynamics

Kimberly Kleinke (M.Sc. student)

Plant traits and soil properties on seismic lines in peatlands

Percy Korsah (PhD student)

Effect of linear disturbances on peatland function.

Emily Prystupa (M.Sc. student) - co-supervised with Jon Price

Salinity effects on DOC dynamics in a constructed fen

Torben Russo (M.Sc. student)

Effect of well-pad restoration to peatland on hydrological function.

Andrew Rutland (M.Sc. student)

Ecological indicators of carbon storage in restored horticultural peatlands

Megan Schmidt (M.Sc. student)

Greenhouse gas exchange on restored peatland seismic lines

Taylor Vodopija (M.Sc student) - co-supervised with Felix Nwaishi, Mount Royal University

Nutrient cycling on restored peatland seismic lines

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Two field researchers conduct a ground-penetrating radar survey in a peatland.

Research stands beside ditch while a tractor drives past.

Two researchers measure carbon flux in a peatland

Researcher measures water table in a treed peatland.