World Wetlands Day 2023 - Wandering in the Wetlands

Want to take a walk down some soggy paths from the comfort of home and learn some fun wetland facts along the way? Enjoy our 1-page roll playing game (RPG). All you need is a 6-sided die, something to mark your progress, and a little imagination!

Wandering in the Wetlands RPG

World Wetlands Day 2021 - Ruby and the Three Swamps

You can check out our World Wetland Day 2021 story about a plucky little Sphagnum and her journey understanding the wonderful world of swamps here:

'Ruby and the Three Swamps


Learning to tread lightly in the boreal forest - Maria Strack & Greg McDermid

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Returning carbon sink function: an overview of Canadian peatland restoration - Maria Strack

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