Information session

The WiE Committee is hosting a Car Care Workshop with AutoCate, a company dedicated to educating and empowering car owners. Alongside AutoCate, participants will learn how to jump start a battery, check their oil, and learn the basic terminology of car functions. The in-person workshop is an opportunity to get some hands-on skills and leave the workshop with auto-confidence!

Do you own a car or planning to get one in the future? Do you know how to replace a flat tire? Do you ever get anxious about all the car jargon thrown at you when you're getting a car service? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the perfect workshop for you!

Explore the exciting field of engineering! Go ENG Girl is an exciting opportunity for Grade 7 - 10 girls to visit the University of Waterloo and learn about the wonderful world of engineering. Meet women currently studying engineering, learn about some of the amazing things women engineers are doing, and participate in a cool hands-on activity.