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Strategic planning

Following the completion of Waterloo Engineering’s extremely successful Vision 2010 plan period, we initiated a comprehensive planning exercise that resulted in the second strategic academic plan for the Faculty of Engineering.

Published in May 2012, Vision 2015: Building on Excellence presents a set of goals and strategies aimed at achieving our aspiration to be a truly world-class school of engineering.  With this new plan, we’ve set the stage for even greater success.

Vision 2015 Plan

One key feature of Waterloo Engineering’s strategic planning process is an annual review, which allows us to engage in a thorough examination of our progress and provides an opportunity to propose changes in direction if needed. 

Our first review of Vision 2015 shows that much has already been accomplished in the Faculty of Engineering and that the path to even greater success is clear.

Vision 2015: Building on Excellence - Progress Report 2012/2013 (Accessible PDF)

Strategic Plans