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Faculty of Engineering alumni achievement medals and awards

Recognizing the achievements of engineering alumni

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo values alumni who are making a difference and whose accomplishments have been recognized on the world stage.  We feel that it is important to honour our alumni for their achievements, continued involvement with the University and/or Faculty, and leadership.

Call for alumni medal nominations

If you know of a Waterloo Engineering alumnus, a team of alumni, a young alumni, or a friend of the Faculty of Engineering who, in your opinion, should be considered for either the Faculty of Engineering Alumni Achievement Medal, Team Alumni Achievement Medal, Young Alumni Achievement Medal, or the Friend of the Faculty Award, please visit the corresponding link below:

Alumni Achievement Medal (individual)

Team Alumni Achievement Medal

Young Alumni Achievement Medal

Friend of the Faculty Award

An alumni of the Faculty of Engineering is an individual who holds one or more Faculty of Engineering undergraduate or graduate degree(s) - this includes Architecture, CBET, and/or Engineering - from the University of Waterloo.

Past medal recipients

Please visit the Alumni Achievement Medal Gallery to view past medal recipients.

Notable alumni & faculty accomplishments

Waterloo Engineering alumni and professors are regularly recognized for their outstanding achievements - visit the Notable alumni & faculty accomplishments web page to to view external alumni & faculty accomplishments.

Dean of Engineering presenting award