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ASU Elections!

asu electionsThe Arts Student Union (ASU) is holding elections for the upcoming Winter 2023 term and you only need ten (10) nominations to run. Check out the News section below to learn more. 

  1. Nov. 30, 2022ASU Elections Are Upon Us

    ASU is seeking committed student leaders to fill the exec positions for the winter 2023 tern. The following roles are open: President, VP Internal, VP Academic, VP Finance, VP Communications (2 positions), VP Social and VP Retail.

    Head over to https://vote.wusa.ca/login to nominate yourself – you’ll need just 10 nominations to make your candidacy official.

    The election period dates are:

  2. Oct. 2, 2020Fall 2020 Resiliency Campaign

    Resiliency, as defined by the Resiliency Working Group, is “a process of using internal and external resources to manage challenging circumstances.” This definition was approved by the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Mental Health (PAC-SMH) and will be embedded into programming and training across campus.

  3. Sep. 16, 2020The University of Waterloo Formula Motorsports Business Team is recruiting!

    UWFM is a student design team that competes in the Formula SAE student design series. Each year we design, build, and then race an open-wheel formula-style race car. UWFM operates as a team made up of six separate sub-teams: Powertrain, Suspension, Chassis, Aerodynamics, Electronics, and Business. The Business team is further split up into 6 departments: Finance, Marketing, Sponsors Relation, Social Media, Website Management and the Business Case. We are looking to recruit two new members to each department and have a wide variety of positions available.

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